Uploading an XL-Connector template to Salesforce

XL-Connector templates should be uploaded to Salesforce as Files. To upload a template, simply go to the Files tab and click on Upload Files: Important: when uploaded, take a note of the Id of the File record for the template, … Continue Reading

Creating an XL-Connector template for upload

Any Excel document in XLSX format can be an XL-Connector template. What differs it from a regular Excel spreadsheet is a collection of flow steps built using XL-Connector software and saved inside of the spreadsheet. Flow steps contain important information … Continue Reading

Installing XL-Connector Managed Package

Use the following links to install XL-Connector managed package in your Salesforce instance: Install XL-Connector managed package in a production organization Install XL-Connector managed package in a sandbox organization

In Version

Quite a few new features in this release: A new Data Sources dialog is now available for XL-Connector Personal Edition and Team Player users making it easier to see and manage connections to Salesforce within a single workbook: Total Rows … Continue Reading

In Version

Administrator installation flow will not ask the users to register if a license is built in to the installation.

In versions –

Various issues fixed

XL-Connector 365 Privacy Policy

XL-Connector 365 handles data differently than our other applications (XL-Connector and G-Connector), therefore we think it is important to explain to our users what data we have access to, how it is handled, stored, and transmitted. This privacy policy is … Continue Reading

Refreshing your Spreadsheets Automatically Offline

The most powerful feature of XL-Connector 365 is the ability to create an automatic schedule that will run in your absence and repopulate a workbook stored in OneDrive with the most up-to-date data from Salesforce. This is analogous to Refreshing … Continue Reading

Refreshing Data Pulled from Salesforce

When running a SOQL query or Salesforce report, a link is established between the data range and Salesforce so that you could always refresh the data from Salesforce later with a single click on the Refresh button:   The refresh … Continue Reading

Importing Data from Salesforce.com Reports

With XL-Connector 365, you can run your Salesforce reports and put them directly into an Excel spreadsheet. To browser your reports, click on the Reports button in the main application window: To run a specific report, simply select it from … Continue Reading