Importing Data from using SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language)

XL-Connector 365 has a very powerful tool allowing you to pull ANY data from your database into Excel. To pull data from a database to Excel using a SOQL query, click the SOQL button in your XL-Connector ribbon: … Continue Reading

Placing XL-Connector Lightning component on any Lightning page

Placing the XL-Connector Templates Lightning component onto a Lightning page is as simple as a couple of clicks: Click on Edit Page on any Lightning Page: In the Lightning Page Editor, locate the XL-Connector Templates component on the left and … Continue Reading

Adding XL-Connector component to Salesforce Classic page layouts

You will need to make some adjustments after you install our managed package in order to be able to attach your XL-Connector templates to records in Salesforce Classic and dynamically populate the record Id in the template: Go to Setup … Continue Reading

XL-Connector Managed Package

Use the following links to install XL-Connector managed package in your Salesforce instance: Install XL-Connector managed package in a production organization Install XL-Connector managed package in a sandbox organization XL-Connector Templates managed package contains Salesforce Lightning and Classic components that … Continue Reading

In version

Running all Flows in the entire workbook is now available. Click on Run All Flows button to start them. XL-Connector will go through every worksheet and if there’s a flow with active flow steps there – they will get run. … Continue Reading

Filling Gaps in your Data

Filling Gaps in your Data

One of the common requests we’ve been getting over the years is to provide an easy way to fill gaps in Excel data by pulling the missing values from the database. Of course, you could run a query to … Continue Reading

In version

New Query Rows function is now available. This function will query Salesforce for each row of data filling in blank cells with values from Salesforce. You’ll need to map your columns before you can run this function: It will use … Continue Reading

In version

Autofit columns will now be applied automatically as you pull data from a Salesforce report or SOQL query. This will automatically adjust your columns width based on their contents. You can turn this off under Settings -> General: Ignore blank … Continue Reading

Looking up Salesforce Ids based on an arbitrary field