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You can now force all values to be treated as text by Excel when running a report. This will not let Excel automatically convert values to numbers or dates.

In version

File Upload tool can now upload files to user-defined libraries. Numerous bug fixes, performance and UI enhancements.

In Version

You can now mass upload Files to Salesforce effortlessly using the new Upload Files feature. Please, check out our documentation for more details.

In version

We’ve simplified the way our users work changed values in XL-Connector Team Player and Enterprise Admin. Now when at least one Flow Step in a worksheet is set up to upload Changed rows – the Track Changes mode will be activated automatically on … Continue Reading

In version

You can now download, edit, and then upload custom metadata using XL-Connector. Read more…

In version

Starting from version XL-Connector supports exporting Flows and Flow Steps to Salesforce and importing them back into your Excel document. Read more…

In version

It is now possible to conditionally run Flows based on whether a certain cell in your worksheet contains a value or not. Just specify the cell address or range name in the ‘Condition cell’ box. SOQL query editor now supports comments.


You can now run all mappings set up for the current worksheet by clicking on Run Template button. You can run any VBA macro available in your document as a part of the template. Refreshing data from Salesforce and deleting … Continue Reading


Multiple value columns can now be linked to an Id column thus making it possible to lookup several data points when looking up records in Salesforce using Salesforce Id Lookup feature If a sheet is linked to a Salesforce report, … Continue Reading


CRITICAL UPDATE! If you installed or upgraded to version, please immideately update to the most recent version. We’ve discovered and fixed a very critical issue in the previous release that may affect the way data is loaded into Salesforce. … Continue Reading