In G-Connector 210218

You can now view and delete all your data sources across all workbook with the help of the new Manage Data Sources feature:

In version

bool LogInWithAlias(string alias, out string error) VBA call is now available. This will help you build automations without keeping the login information in your script. You can now control which…

In XL-Connector

Salesforce API version 50.0 is now supported

In XL-Connector 365 version 1.8.1

You can now see all the Excel documents where you have scheduled automatic data operations and quickly access any of them. You can also enable/disable/delete the schedules actions for any…

In XL-Connector

Upload of files over 50MB is now supported.

In XL-Connector

When doing mass Insert/Update/Upsert, it is now possible to specify a time delay after each batch when uploading records synchronously. This might come in handy when uploading to orgs heavy…

In XL-Connector version

Along with other improvements, in this version of XL-Connector, we’ve added the ability to mass download/upload images directly from/to Rich Text Area fields in Salesforce. Check out the following video…

In G-Connector version 200915

The All Rows automatic push mode has been extended. Now you can use a column in your data to include/exclude rows in the Push Template: A new setting is available…

In G-Connector version 200907

You can now save your automatic data snapshots in a predefined folder in Google Drive instead of the root folder as before: The issue when mappings stopped working after sorting…

In G-Connector version 200817

New scheduler option added: Monthly