Logging in to Salesforce.com

Basic features

Admin features



In order to be able to work with your Salesfoce.com database from Excel, you’ll need to log in to Salesforce. To do that go to the Salesforce Excel tab, and click either the red open lock icon or the small Log In submenu below that icon.

If you clicked the red icon or selected Log in with Security Token option, in the dialog box select ‘http://login.salesforce.com‘ to get to a production instance, or ‘http://test.salesforce.com‘ to access a Sandbox.
Please note: do not type in your custom domain URL into the drop-down box. Always use http://login.salesforce.com‘ for production or ‘http://test.salesforce.com‘ for sandboxes.

If you clicked on the small Log In submenu item (Web and SSO Login), you’ll be presented with a familiar Salesforce.com login screen where you can enter your credentials.
Please note: to get to your custom domain, the preferable way is to us the UI provided by Salesforce by clicking on the Use Custom Domain on the Salesforce login page as follows:

You will then need to specify your login name and password in the same way you do when logging into Salesforce.com using your web browser.

If you chose the Log in with Security Token option, you will need your security token to log in using XL-Connector (click here if you don’t know where to get it). OR, if your security department allows this, you can avoid the token by whitelisting your IP address in Salesforce.

If the ‘Remember password’ option is checked, after a successful login, XL-Connector will associate your password and security token with your login name, and remember this information. This way when you need to log in to Salesforce.com again you will just need to select your user name from the drop down list, and password and security token will be populated automatically.

If you want to remove your password and security token from the remembered list, just remove the ‘Remember password’ checkmark, and log in using your credentials.

You’ll know you’re successfully logged in whenXL-Connector ribbon icons are no longer grayed out.

After the first login, a 30-day trial will be automatically created for you. You’ll receive an email to confirm your email address and will get access to our customer portal.

Logging in with Security Token:

Web and SSO Login: