ATTENTION: do not perform this procedure if you have a group license with us. Replacing your group license activation code with your local registration code will revoke access for the other members of your group. 

Our licenses are hardware-locked, the unique hardware key that is generated for each computer consists of the following:

  • CPU Id
  • Primary hard drive serial number
  • Network domain name
  • Windows user name

If you install the software on a new PC or any of the above components change on your current PC, the system will think that it’s a different computer or user and will reset your license. With existing PCs, this may most commonly happen when the network domain name changes or windows is reinstalled and there is a change to the user name. Sometimes it can happen when using VPN, if VPN domain name is different from the main network domain.

If this happens to you, please do not worry, you can easily reassign your license to the new registration code. To do that you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  1. On your new computer, in the XL-Connector Excel ribbon, click on Setting -> License -> Copy to clipboard to copy your new registration code.
  2. Log in to our Customer Portal (
  3. If you don’t remember your password or have not signed up for the portal yet, you’ll be able to reset your password or sign up with the email you originally specified when purchasing a license. This will be the email address you received your invoice(s) at.
  4. In the Customer Portal, click on Edit next to your subscription details:
  5. Click Next in the Change your plan page.
  6. Click Next in the Add/Remove Addons page.
  7. In the Review and Confirm page, replace the registration code with the one you copied in step 1:
  8. Click on Change Subscription. Your subscription information should be updated within several seconds and your copy of XL-Connector activated according to your license.