Please note: you can only transfer individual subscriptions using our customer portal. To add/remove users to/from a group subscription, please contact us at

You can use our customer portal to transfer your license to a different Google Sheets user. Please, follow the steps below to complete the procedure:

  1. Log in to our Customer Portal (
  2. If you don’t remember your password or have not signed up for the portal yet, you’ll be able to reset your password or sign up with the email you originally specified when purchasing a license. This will be the email address you received your invoice(s) at.
  3. In the Customer Portal, click on Edit next to your subscription details:
  4. Click Next in the Change your plan page.
  5. In the Review and Confirm page, replace the current subscription with the Google email of the new user you want to activate:
  6. Click on Change Subscription. Your subscription information should be updated within several seconds and the new user of G-Connector activated according to your license. The old user will be deactivated automatically as well.