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XL-Connector License and Payment Terms and Conditions


  1. These terms and conditions apply to all payments made (whether online, by telephone, or in any other manner) to Taralex LLC dba Xappex as well as to licenses issued by Taralex LLC dba Xappex to use the Product.
  2. These terms and conditions also apply to Electronic Communications (whether or not in connection with a payment).
  3. By making a payment to Taralex LLC, or by requesting Electronic Communications, you accept these terms and conditions.
  4. Except as set forth herein, no addition to or modification of the License and Payment Terms and Conditions will be binding on Taralex LLC or You unless reduced to writing and executed by an authorized representatives of each of the parties.


As used in these terms and conditions:

  1. “Taralex”, “Taralex LLC”, “Xappex”, “we,” or “us ” refers collectively to Taralex LLC
  2. “You” means you, the customer.
  3. “Product” means any of the editions of the XL-Connector add-on to Microsoft Excel (Enterprise Admin, Personal Edition, or Team Player).
  4. “Subscription” means your right to use the Product for a limited period of time.

Free License Terms of Use

  1. When the user installs software developed by Taralex LLC, we will automatically create a no-obligation free 30-day trial for that user.
  2. During the free trial, all features of the software will be available.
  3. When the free trial period ends – we will block access to the premium features of the software.
  4. Some parts of our software will be available to all users free of charge after the initial trial period elapses.
  5. Taralex LLC reserves the right to determine the free and premium features of all the software Taralex LLC develops and sells, as well as other specifics of the software.

Non-profit Organizations Terms of Use

  1. All organizations that are classified as a not-for-profit or a non-governmental organization under the laws of the country they operate in are eligible for 3 (three) free full licenses for any edition of any software sold by Taralex LLC. Any additional licenses for such organizations must be purchased at full price.
  2. Alternatively to getting their first 3 (three) licenses for free, the non-profit organizations can choose to purchase all licenses at a 50% discount. The organization that selects this option must purchase all their licenses.

Payments and Confirmations of Payment

  1. By sending money to us via PayPal, 2Checkout, Chargebee, or using any other payment method (like check or wire transfer) you confirm that you have read and agree to the corresponding payment provider’s User Agreement as well as the present Terms and Conditions.
  2. If you set up automatic payments, then you authorize our payment facilitator to charge the amount due for the invoice being paid to your credit card or PayPal account and send the money to Taralex LLC less the appropriate fees.
  3. By clicking “Submit” you are consenting to invoices, confirmations, and other communications from our payment processor in regards to your subscription to the email address you have provided to us.
  4. By buying a license to use the Product you are consenting to receive product-specific news and updates, but no more frequently than one e-mail a week.

License, Fees, Cancellations, and Refunds

  1. The Product is licensed and not sold.
  2. By paying a license fee you are getting an exclusive, time-limited, transferable right to use the Premium features of the Product on one PC (Personal Computer) or with one Salesforce.com account for the period of time covered by the license.
  3. The current license fee is available on the product purchase page
  4. Beyond the initial 30-day free trial period you can only use only the free features of the product (see point 3 above). You’ll need a paid license to use all other features of the product.
  5. You can only buy a license to use XL-Connector for 1 month (30 days) or 1 year (12 months).
  6. The time period during which you have the license to use the Product starts at the moment of subscription activation and stretches for 1 or 12 months depending on the license you have chosen.
  7. By default, all the subscriptions are created with automatic renewal turned on. You can cancel automatic renewal at any time using the customer portal or by writing to support@xappex.com with a request to cancel your subscription.
  8. Grace period. You can request a full refund within 7 (seven) days after purchasing (renewing) a monthly subscription and within 30 (thirty) days of purchasing (renewing) an annual subscription. No refunds will be issued beyond this grace period.

Group licensing

  1. By purchasing a annual site license your organization gets access to use as many copies of XL-Connector as the number of seats on the group license.
  2. The current license fee for each seat is available on the product purchase page and is the same as when purchasing individual licenses less the multi-user discount.
  3. The time period during which you have the license to use the Product starts at the moment of actual payment and stretches for 12 months.
  4. All users on the group license will lose access to XL-Connector if you choose not to renew the license, or the renewal invoice is not paid within 30 calendar days after its submittal.
  5. You can add new users to a group license at any time. The fee for new users will be prorated according to the number of days remaining on the site license and will be calculated using the following formula: <annual license price>/365*<number of days remaining on the license at the moment of adding of new user(s)>. To add users to your group license, please send an email to sales@xappex.com.
  6. You can remove users from your group license to make room for new users. To remove users who no longer use the tool, please send an email to sales@xappex.com.
  7. We can’t give any refunds for group licenses if you request to remove users from it after more than 30 days after the purchase.
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