XL-Connector Templates managed package contains Salesforce Lightning and Classic components that you can put on any object page layout and that will make it possible to upload XL-Connector templates (XLSX files) to any record in Salesforce.com.

The components look similar to the standard attachment upload component, but have an extra functionality of replacing a placeholder text (by default it’s {{xl-connector-placeholder}}) with the Salesforce Id of the record the template is uploaded to.

For example, if you set up a flow step with the following SOQL query as data source:

SELECT Id, Name, StageName, CloseDate, Amount FROM Opportunity WHERE AccountId = ‘{{xl-connector-placeholder}}’

when uploaded under an Account record in Salesforce, the placeholder text will be replaced by the Id of the corresponding account. This way, when you click on Edit in Excel next to the template, it will download the template with the corresponding Account Id already populated in the query, and when refreshed – it will pull all Opportunities for that specific account. If you also set up correct mappings in the template – your users will be able to mass-edit the Account opportunities and push the edits back to Salesforce with a single click on the Run Flow button.

To install our managed package to your Salesforce org, simply click here:

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