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Query Rows function can now be used on a filtered data set. Only visible rows will be considered for the operation. You can now manage some of your picklist fields…

Logging out of a Salesforce account in Google Data Studio

Unfortunately, Google Data Studio provides a very limited number of user interface elements that we can use, and that results in some limitations. One of the major limitations currently, that…

License and Payment Terms and Conditions

General These terms and conditions apply to all payments made (whether online, by telephone, or in any other manner) to Taralex LLC dba Xappex as well as to licenses issued…

How do I add/remove users on my G-Connector subscription?

Xappex Customer Portal makes it possible to easily manage group subscriptions, add/remove users, reassign licenses to different users. Adding a new user to an existing subscription: Log in to your customer…

In version

New licensing system support Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Updating Fields with Null Values

As a safety precaution, XL-Connector will not by default load any null values (empty Excel cells) when updating records in Salesforce. This is to prevent the users from unintentionally wiping…

In version

It is now possible to activate/deactivate Flows and Processes with a checkbox: An issue with running the plug-in on Excel 2007 and 2010 has been fixed.

In version

SOAP API updated to 47.0 Metadata API updated to 47.0 Tooling API updated to 47.0 Added initial support for Flows and Processes management Tooling API SOQL queries are now fully…

In version

Using XL-Connector Enterprise Admin, you can now mass activate/deactivate/create/edit/delete Workflow rules in your Salesforce organization from a single Excel spreadsheet!