XL-Connector 365: The best Salesforce plugin for Microsoft 365 Excel

Access a complete data management and automation toolbox that, combined with the power of Excel, will take your productivity to new heights.

XL-Connector 365 is your favorite Salesforce data management tool for the Mac and Excel Online platforms. Perform data loads, manipulate your data, automate your operations and build live reports unlocking the ultimate Salesforce connectivity on any Excel platform.

One tool, multiple uses


Data Loading


Multiple Platform Support




Reporting and Data Analysis


Team Collaboration


Data Cleansing


Special Admin Tools


Data Migration

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Multiple Platform Support: Sync your Salesforce data to any Excel platform

XL-Connector 365 is available on all Microsoft 365 platforms:

  • Excel for Windows

  • Excel for Mac

  • Excel Online

Automating Data Sharing

Automating Data Sharing


This app has increased our operational efficiency DRASTICALLY. Almost everything was intutitive and easy to use. Perfect for orgs that have limited licensese but need data available to more users.

Paige Zick

The power of Excel combined with Salesforce


Simply said, XL-Connector 365 combines the power of Excel with Salesforce. It allows me to quickly create queries to pull data from Salesforce, modify it, and push it back into Salesforce. It also supports flows (think macros) to help automate tasks. It is my go-to tool for data manipulation in the Salesforce.


Paul Mc Clellan




Once I used it, I had to tell everyone I knew about it. It makes managing data in Salesforce SO EASY. We've been able to transform some business processes completely and save HOURS of work and avoid spending money on a 3rd party system.

Alissa Wright

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Experience the fastest Data Loader

  • XL-Connector 365 will take data loading speed to another level.

  • Perform unlimited exports and imports in bulk directly from Excel.

  • Pull your data from Salesforce reports or via dynamic SOQL.

  • Batch size support

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous data imports

  • Experience no row limits in your data Loads

  • Enjoy instant error reporting

Take your Salesforce automation in Excel to the next level

  • Schedule automatic data refeshes for all your tabs or individual ones.

  • Push data to Salesforce automatically on a schedule. 

  • All operations can run up yo every 5 minutes in files saved in OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint.

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Keep the quality of your Salesforce data
  • Keep your data hygiene and quality with seamless manipulation: mass update, upsert, insert, delete, undelete and merge your records.

  • Get full support for mass merging records in Salesforce

  • Mass convert your leads in a breeze with just a click of a button!

  • Manage your data in bulk, perform tasks that before took you weeks in just a few seconds!

Reporting and data analytics
  • Create and share custom reports in Excel with all the great tools it has to offer (pivot tables, formulae and charts) to do calculations and visualize data.

  • Bring multiple Salesforce reports and join unrelated objects into the same workbook

  • Visualize Salesforce data models and relationships to help you retrieve and analyze your data with precision.

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Give all team members access to your Salesforce data

  • Provide your team with real-time view to Salesforce data and work together on a single workbook.

  • A great way to save on expensive Salesforce licenses!

  • Work offline, sync later: Enable users to edit your Salesforce data, then sync when online.

  • Push your changes back on a schedule.


Multiple accounts support

  • You can connect to multiple orgs with a same email and switch between them.

  • There is no limit as to the amount of Salesforce orgs you can connect to. 

  • Easily migrate data between orgs or populate a sandbox with data.

What Makes XL-Connector 365 the best Microsoft 365 plugin for Excel

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    Private and Secure

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    Salesforce reporting tool: Create dynamic dashboards in Excel Sheets that automatically pull data from Salesforce.

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    Salesforce automation tool: Schedule your data refreshes even when you’re offline.

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    Intuitive user interface and friendly UI.

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    The best time-saving app for Excel Sheets: Save hours and days of data entry work!

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    Outstanding and fast support: Ask us anything…we got you!

Amazing app


XL-Connector 365 is a wonderful app. I have used it for several months and have found it to be very reliable. The amount of time it has saved is nothing short of amazing. Their support staff is top-notch. They are quick to respond to questions.


D. Parks



This app is amazing, if you're a power user in Salesforce and have a lot of information to modify or use. Very well thought out tool, and the team behind it is fantastic to work with. I don't know how I would do my job without this tool.


Dan Nolan

Works Great

Works Great


Have used XL-Connector on and off since the beginning. Great tool for working with salesforce quickly and efficiently in EXCEL. Xappex is also super responsive with helping you work through any issues. Well worth the subscription if you're doing data cleanup of Salesforce, loading initial data, etc.


Scott Billington

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