XL-Connector: The #1 Salesforce to Excel Connector

Unlock the power of Excel for your Salesforce data 

What is XL-Connector?

XL-Connector is a popular plugin that safely integrates Excel and Salesforce to seamlessly export, import, refresh and transform data with a lightning fast-api connection. It offers Salesforce admins a comprehensive toolbox that easily performs data management operations, allowing Salesforce data analysis and near-real time reporting.

XL-Connector: the ultimate Excel to Salesforce connector and daily admin tool

Your ideal tool for Salesforce data management in Excel

  • Use all the amazing Excel tools on your Salesforce data: pivot tables, charts, and formulas.
  • Perform any data operation with no row limits!
  • Ideal Salesforce data cleansing tool
  • Access great metadata management tools
4.83 Average Rating

Get the most valuable Salesforce plugin for excel

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    Saves hours and days of data-loading.

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    Private and secure.

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    Boosts team productivity.

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    Amazing features for data manipulation.

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    Improves the quality of your data by keeping it up to date.

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    Outstanding and fast support: Ask us anything... we got you!

The Best data loader for Salesforce

Perform and automate any data operation in bulk

Mass create, update and upsert opportunities, accounts, leads, quotes and other SFDC objects with XL-Connector. Become a master of bulk updates and upserts in Salesforce with just a click of a button!

Manage your Salesforce duplicate records 

Efficiently merge Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, and Leads in bulk (available in the Enterprise Admin edition). 

Delete your Salesforce records in bulk

Mass delete records in Salesforce and keep your data fresh and updated. 

Perform your Salesforce Data Migration with the help of XL-Connector: Safely migrate large amounts of data.

If you're not using XL-Connector, you should be.

If you're not using XL-Connector, you should be.


I've been using Salesforce for over 20 years and the XL-Connector is my favourite application. It's so much more than just a data loader tool. It's the ultimate application for helping you manage an org. Alex continues to add new features and support is fantastic. Give it a try, you won't be sorry.

Aiden Martin

Senior Consultant at Cloud for Good

Awesome data management tool + more!

Awesome data management tool + more!


Simple to use, I have all my orgs connected to it and it is so easy to transfer data between source & destination with its field mapping and friendly UI. I especially love the additional tools for managing fields, picklists, FLS and more system orientated metadata. A real bonus.

Robert Reeves

Senior BRM Salesforce at Zimmer Biomet

It's like an Admin superpower

It's like an Admin superpower


As a Salesforce admin, XL-Connector was my superpower for data loading and data transformation. I still recommend it to every admin I work with. It's one of my must haves in my toolkit.

Jason Dobrolecki

Manager, Engagement at Traction Rec

Go-to ETL application for Salesforce

Go-to ETL application for Salesforce


XL-Connector has been my go-to ETL application for over 10 years. The interface is very intuitive and it provides an amazingly comprehensive toolbox for admins and developers. Alex and his team have always provided responsive and knowledgeable support!

Jeff Symonds

Senior Principal Business System Analyst at Mercury Systems




I learned about this from Salesforce Premier Success. Once I used it, I had to tell everyone I knew about it. It makes managing data in Salesforce SO EASY. We've been able to transform some business processes completely and save HOURS of work and avoiding spending money on a 3rd party system. I still don't know ALL the things it can do!

Alissa Wright

Salesforce Solutions Engineer at Coldstream

XL-Connector: Your Ideal tool for Salesforce custom metadata management.

XL-Connector is the only Excel to Salesforce connector that provides a complete assortment of metadata management tools that will hugely boost the productivity of Salesforce admins.

These tools enable management of such things as fields, validation rules, processes, picklists, security settings, and much more.

Tasks that normally take days, like updating the descriptions and help texts of data fields, will take minutes with XL-Connector.

Other XL-Connector great features you will appreciate:


Multiple accounts support. 

If you have several logins, XL-Connector keeps them for you so switching between accounts is easy. There's no limit as to how many Salesforce.com orgs you can connect to.


Super intuitive user interface.

A climax between simplicity and comprehensiveness, The user interface is very friendly and presents a minimal learning curve.


Security by design:

XL-Connector is a locally installed app that doesn't send your data anywhere outside of your secure environment. There's no cloud component to it, so the data travels directly between your PC and Salesforce instance over a secure encrypted channel.

Save heaps of time and money and boost your team’s productivity!

Our users declared that their tasks are completed 3 times faster than before using this tool. 🚀

1) Pull Data

With just a click of a button You can choose between pulling an existing Salesforce report or building your own SOQL

2) Push Data

Create, modify, delete or restore or undelete your selected data, and push your changes back to Salesforce

Manage metadata directly from your Excel spreadsheet.

You’ll be able to manage Field Level Security, Object Access Security, Picklists, Workflow Rules, and much more!

4) Easily refresh your data

Click "Refresh All" and all connected data sources will get updated instantly along with all the pivot tables or charts connected to them.

Other Salesforce data management solutions Xappex offers:

XL-Connector 365

Connect and sync Microsoft Excel on all platforms with Salesforce.

G-Connector for Salesforce

Connect your Salesforce data to Google Sheets in a two-way sync.

Excel Merge

Excel Merge

Calculate advanced Excel models. Generate Excel documents based on Salesforce data. All with a single click from a Salesforce record page.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio for Salesforce

Connect Salesforce reports and queries to your Google Data Studio dashboards.

Brian Karcinski

Brian Karcinski

"If you are used to using excel in general this tool is going to feel really intuitive and comfortable. There are so many options out there but the XL-Connector always ends up being the one that I use."

Alexandre Brandt

Alexandre Brandt

"If I could only keep one app on our Salesforce XL connector would be the one. The tasks (pulling reports for further analysis for Finance, Record management, lead conversion etc.) I used to do without XL Connector were talking me at least 2-3 times longer and were a headach."

Andrew Swain

Andrew Swain

"XL Connector is my go-to tool for data management. It was indispensable during a data migration phase and I still use it nearly every day now. Much more user friendly and adaptable than data loader etc.

XL Connector a must for any Admin or users who are heavy users of spreadsheets

XL Connector a must for any Admin or users who are heavy users of spreadsheets


XL Connector has been one of main super apps in my toolkit. I use it daily and couldn't live without it. It simplifies things so much when you work heavily in spreadsheets and manipulate/report data and can easily push/pull data from Salesforce. And there are so many other cool other features that make the life of an admin so simple. You should get it now!

Bao Do, CPA

Solution Architect at Accretive Advisory

Fantastic tool - SAVES TONS of time

Fantastic tool - SAVES TONS of time


Been using XL-Connector for a couple of years now and am thoroughly impressed. I have some reports (for executives) that auto-update, but also use it for bulk uploading, editing, deleting and it makes much more sense than dataloader (which is a VERY good tool) and NPSP data import wizard. For other similar tools you have to create your upload/edit/delete data in excel anyway, so why not just do it all from there!
The reasonable price makes this an automatic renew for our organization every year.

Ryan Rushton

So Unique. So Useful. So Essential.

So Unique. So Useful. So Essential.


I use this Excel plugin all day every day and have been using it since its very early days. In fact, I probably use this tool more than any other Salesforce feature or ISV app, including VS Code. I've encouraged probably over 100+ customers to sign up to it and not one has ever regretted it.

For me, it is invaluable at generating data extracts that I can clean and update on the fly. I can pull a mountain of metadata and a stack of other features around custom settings and field definitions.

Dave Holford

Salesforce Solution Architect at Freelance

Essential !

Essential !


This app is a climax between simplicity and comprehensiveness. After 3years of use, I think any admin would save hours using XL-Connector, this is so instinctive and really powerful ! The app is old enough to be stable and bug-free, and keeps being updated regularly. In case of need, the support is very reactive and last but not least, the price is pretty cheap and I think we get what we pay for !

Sylvain Priser

Salesforce architect at Acrotec

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