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XL-Connector: Your Custom Metadata Management tool for Salesforce

Starting from version, XL-Connector gives you the ability to load, create, import and manage your custom metadata records directly in an Excel spreadsheet. Perform tasks that usually require time and effort in minutes with XL-Connector’s Admin Tools.

Loading All Records From a Custom Metadata Object in Salesforce

  1. Click on Other Tools -> Manage Custom Metadata -> Download Custom Metadata:
  2. A dialog box will be displayed allowing you to select a custom metadata object and download all records from it.

Updating Existing Custom Metadata Records

  1. Once custom metadata has been downloaded, you can edit the field values right in the spreadsheet and then update them in salesforce by clicking on either Other Tools ->Manage Custom Metadata -> Update Selected Rows or Update All Rows.

Creating New Custom Metadata Records

You can also use the downloaded custom metadata sheet to create new metadata records:

  1. Add new rows at the end of the data populating all the fields you want to upload.
  2. Create them in Salesforce by selecting the new rows and clicking on Other Tools -> Manage Custom Metadata -> Update Selected Rows.
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