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Logging in to Salesforce

In order to be able to work with your Salesfoce.com database from Excel, you’ll need to log in to Salesforce. XL-Connector 365 will always load the Log In page on first start or if the previous authentication has expired.

Please note: to log in via SSO using a custom domain, click on the Use Custom Domain on the Salesforce login page as follows:

You will then need to specify your login name and password in the same way you do when logging into Salesforce.com using your web browser.

After the first login, a 30-day trial will be automatically created for you. You’ll receive an email to confirm your email address and will get access to our customer portal.

By default, XL-Connector 365 will keep you logged in for 12 hours and make you log in again the next day.

If you’d like to always be logged in to Salesforce when opening XL-Connector 365, you can set it up under Menu -> Settings:

XL-Connector 365 can keep multiple logins active and make it possible to switch between multiple Salesforce orgs in no time.

To log in to an additional Salesforce org, click on Menu -> Accounts:

This menu item will let you switch between accounts if you are already logged in to multiple, or log in to an additional Salesforce account:

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