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Scheduling Automatic Notifications in G-Connector for Salesforce

After doing an automatic data refresh and/or data push, very often you would want to notify someone else about it. To do it, you can set up notifications that will get sent to multiple users on a schedule.

To add a notification to your workbook, click on Schedule Automatic Data Operations from the G-Connector for Salesforce menu. Then go to the Notifications tab. In this tab you’ll be able to add multiple notifications to Email, Slack channel(s), or Chatter group(s):

To create a separate notification, click on the Add button and provide the notification details in the subsequent dialog box:

You can make the text in the notifications dynamic by grabbing it from a cell in your Sheet. To do that, specify the address of the cell in double curly braces as follows: {{CellAddress}}

You can also set up conditions for each notification to be generated. To do that, click on the Conditions tab:

To get the notifications going, click on the Scheduler tab and add a Notifications action to the list of actions. This will ensure the notifications are sent at the time you specify. All notifications set up under the Notifications tab will be sent out at that time:

Click Apply to schedule the actions.

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