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Filling Gaps in your Data

One of the common requests we've been getting over the years is to provide an easy way to fill gaps in Excel data by pulling the missing values from the Salesforce.com database. Of course, you could run a query to do that, but we've come up with a more user-friendly way of doing the querying for you.

Starting from version – you'll find an additional button in your XL-Connector ribbon called "Query Rows'.

This function will query Salesforce for each row of data filling in blank cells with values from Salesforce. You'll need to map your columns before you can run this function:

It will use the values that are filled in to create a query to pull values that are empty. Clear the corresponding mapping to not use values from a specific column.
This functionality can also be used in a Flow Step to let your users query rows by simply clicking on the Run Flow button. The admin needs to first set up the Flow Step mappings correctly.

The function is available in XL-Connector Enterprise Admin. You can also run a previously created Query Rows flow in XL-Connector Team Player.

And here's a video demonstration of the feature:

Correction to the video: you can now utilize the "Use" checkboxes to control which columns will participate in the function

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