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Manage Salesforce Restriction Rules with XL-Connector

Managing restriction rules within Salesforce can be time-consuming, especially for organizations with extensive rule sets. Fortunately, XL Connector by Xappex enables you to streamline this process with valuable tools. 

This article explores various functionalities, highlighting the new feature of directly managing Restriction rules in Excel.

Download All Restriction Rules from Salesforce

You can download all existing restriction rules from your Salesforce org into an Excel spreadsheet. It provides a consolidated view for easy management.

  1. Please follow these steps to download the restriction rules: Click on Other Tools -> Manage Restriction Rules -> Download Restriction Rules
  2. A dialog box will allow you to download all rules from your Salesforce org in existing or new sheets.

    Refresh button will re-pull all Restriction Rules.


Update the Existing Restriction Rules:

Once Restriction Rules has been downloaded, you can edit the field values right in the spreadsheet and then update them in Salesforce by following these steps:

Other Tools -> Manage Restriction Rules -> Update Selected Rows or Update all Rows. 


Delete Restriction Rule:

You can delete the Restriction Rules within XL Connector by selecting desired rows in the table view. Once your rows are chosen, navigate to the XL-Connector ribbon and click the “Delete” button to remove the selected rules.


Creating New Restriction Rule: 

When creating new Restriction Rules, you can add rows at the end of the table. After adding the rows, select them and click the “Update” or “Update Selected” button in the XL-Connector ribbon. 

For new entries, please ensure that the “userCriteria” and “recordFilter” columns are not left empty.

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