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My reports stopped working after enabling MFA

The most common cause for this is when your admin sets “Level Required at Login” to “High Assurance” on your user’s profile.

It’s the easiest way to enable MFA, so some admins do that to save time. This will break several things in Salesforce, including Xappex’s ability to run reports and export them to your connected spreadsheets. Here’s an article about other things that it breaks: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=000392426&type=1

If that’s the case, please ask your admin to set up MFA using “Multi-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins” permission in the user’s profile or permission set instead of “High Assurance” set under Profile’s “Session Security Level Required at Login”, as described in the article referenced above.

Another reason for errors when running a report using Xappex is when “Select High Assurance session required” flag is set under Reports and Dashboards Access Policies. You’ll need to make sure it’s unchecked:

If you absolutely must have this profile settings enabled, you can work around it by going to Setup -> Security Controls -> Session Settings and adding the Username Password login method to the list of login methods under the High Assurance list:

If that is also not an option – unfortunately, you won’t be able to download reports using Xappex tools. In that case, you still have an option to pull data using a SOQL Query. This method is even more flexible. Our convenient UI controls will let you build any query even if you don’t have deep knowledge of SOQL syntax.

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