Salesforce Consulting

We have built XL-Connector and G-Connector, so we know a thing or two about Salesforce CRM and its pain points. If you feel like you might use someone to help you out with its internal plumbing or custom development, we might provide just the right guy (or gal).

Data Migrations

We can help you come up with a strategy to migrate your date to/from or between different orgs. XL-Connector makes it easy to load data, but when there’s a lot of it, and complex relationships between objects are involved – things start to get complicated. We have a track record of successful data migrations of various complexities.

Salesforce Integrations

We’ve been able to build the best Desktop integration out there. With our connectors using pretty much every available Salesforce API, we can help you integrate your system whatever it might be.

XL-Connector Rollout

TURN-KEY INSTALLATIONS AND ON-SITE SUPPORT. If you need to roll out our XL-Connector solutions and don’t have the required resources for it, we’ll be glad to send out top consultants to do it for you, demo, and answer all the questions along the way.

Data Loading Templates

We made it extremely easy to prepare data loading template for your specific tasks using XL-Connector Enterprise Admin. However, it still requires some Salesforce knowledge and SOQL proficiency. If you don’t have an IT resource who could do it for you – let us know, and we’ll develop a template that will perform just the task you need. Then you can distribute it among your business users, doubling their productivity in Salesforce.