G-Connector: The best Google Sheets to Salesforce connector

Manage and automate your Salesforce data in Google Sheets

What is G-Connector for Salesforce?

G-Connector is an app that seamlessly connects Salesforce to Google Sheets in a live data exchange in both directions. It schedules and automatically refreshes your Salesforce reports even when you’re offline and it allows you to transform and efficiently manage your data in a familiar Google Sheets environment.

Experience the ultimate Google Sheets-to-Salesforce connector

  • Import and export Salesforce data to Google Sheets without limits: pull data from Salesforce, work on it in Google Sheets, and push it back with one click.
  • Build automatically updated Salesforce reports that refresh on a set schedule
  • Manage your Salesforce data in a familiar Google Sheets environment. Mass insert, update, upsert, manage
    duplicates and delete data. Both manually and automatically. 
  • Create great looking shareable dashboards using all the amazing tools Google Sheets has to offer. 
  • Have all your team members access Salesforce data and work on a single workbook. 
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What makes G-Connector the best Google sheets to Salesforce data connector.

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    Perform Salesforce data manipulation in Google Sheets.

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    Salesforce reporting tool: Create dynamic dashboards in Google Sheets that automatically pull data from Salesforce.

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    Salesforce automation tool: Schedule your data refreshes even when you’re offline.

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    Intuitive user interface and friendly UI.

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    The best time-saving app for Google Sheets: Save hours and days of data entry work!

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    Outstanding and fast support: Ask us anything…we got you!

If you're not using XL-Connector, you should be.

If you're not using XL-Connector, you should be.


An exceptional tool
I've been a dedicated user of G-Connector for the past five years, and I can confidently say that it's nothing short of exceptional. If you're someone who works extensively with Salesforce data and is looking for a tool to automate syncing with Google Sheets, this is an absolute must-have. G-Connector has transformed the way I handle and manipulate large volumes of data, making it an indispensable part of my toolkit.

Alon Rozin

Senior Consultant at Cloud for Good

Best connector for Salesforce I've used

Best connector for Salesforce I've used


I have worked with a lot of Salesforce & Google Sheets connectors over the last 10 years , and G-Connector has always been my go to application. It saves me a ton of time by not having to export reports and keep updating via new exports or creating queries. I love how you can see the report name and field names when you hover over column headers and refreshing or opening the report in the source system (Salesforce in my case) is super easy. I have tried other applications in my new job but always go back to G-Connector.

Tami Miller

Head of Delivery at Accelerize 360

Freelance Consultant at Adam Vatterott Consulting

Freelance Consultant at Adam Vatterott Consulting


To show off how much I enjoyed using this tool, I'd like to compare it to something a lot of people are familiar with: Conga Composer. In short -- Conga is very, very powerful, but when it came to creating a complete operational dashboard for one organization I worked with, G-Connector was far and beyond the best solution! Our dashboard allowed us to track progress against program, fundraising, staffing, and spending goals by region in a compact format that we could pull up live at any moment and easily reference in our web browser bookmarks. No need to re-run and export every time like with Conga.

Adam Vatterott

Freelance Consultant at Adam Vatterott Consulting

The best Salesforce automation tool in Google sheets

With this powerful Salesforce connector to Google Sheets you can schedule and automate Salesforce data exports to your Google Sheets. Refresh an existing Salesforce report or pull data via SOQL.


Schedule data refreshes in your desired cadence: hourly, hourly at even hours, hourly at odd hours, daily, weekly, and monthly.


Exports are running even when you’re offline.

Your go-to Salesforce reporting tool in Google Sheets

Take your Salesforce reports to the next level with G-Connector!
Create complex, shared dynamic dashboards in Google Sheets with data automatically synced from Salesforce.

Enhance the quality of your data and reports by utilizing Google Sheets formulas, pivot tables and graphs.

Present data in ways that were previously impossible within Salesforce or would demand extensive development work. You can quickly craft specific dashboards and reporting scenarios on demand.

Notify your Salesforce team with automated notifications

Notify your team

Set up notifications to be send to team members periodically or when spreadsheet data meets certain criteria. You can announce that the shared Google Sheet has been updated to your team via Email, Slack, and Salesforce Chatter.

G-Connector: Collaboration tool for Salesforce

Have your team work on a single spreadsheet

Give visibility to Salesforce data as well as a way to upload and modify Salesforce data to team members who don't have an expensive Salesforce license.

Salesforce Snapshot Reporting Tool

With G-Connector you can keep track of historical data. G-Connector provides multiple ways to create data snapshots in Google Sheets:

  • By creating a separate timestamped Sheet in Google drive with a snapshot of Salesforce report or query pull
  • By creating a separate timestamped tab in the same Sheet with a snapshot of Salesforce report or query pull
  • By appending new data to the same sheet to be able to be analyzed in the linked pivot table

Jeremy Bardet

"I rely heavily on this tool to summarize financial data and business KPI's in google sheets, so that metrics can more easily be shared than an SF dashboard. I'm not one to pay for premium software if I don't have to, and this is perhaps the best value tool I use.". 


Norm Copeland

"G-Connector is an incredibly useful tool that saves me a ton of time. Being able to perform data manipulation and then update records right from google sheets is a game-changer."


Wolfgang Boehm

"Built some complex spreadsheet apps using the G-Connector and I am very happy with it. Also, a huge shoutout to their Customer Support. Had some issues very recently with SOQL queries and the support team helped identify and resolve the issue within a few hours. Very impressive!"

Other G-Connector great features you will appreciate:


Multiple accounts support. 

If you have several logins, G-Connector keeps them for you so switching between accounts is easy. There's no limit as to how many Salesforce.com orgs you can connect to.


Work offline, sync later

Enable offline users to edit a spreadsheet in the field, then sync with Google when online. The automatic push operations will kick in on your schedule and push any changes to Salesforce.


Security by design:

G-Connector is a locally installed app that doesn't send your data anywhere outside of your secure environment. There's no cloud component to it, so the data travels directly between your PC and Salesforce instance over a secure encrypted channel.

Try G-Connector for Salesforce, and boost your team’s productivity!

Our users declared that their tasks are completed 3 times faster than before using this tool. 🚀

Pull Data

With just a click of a button you can choose between pulling an existing Salesforce report or building your own SOQL.

Push Data

Create, modify, delete or restore or merge your selected data, and push your changes back to Salesforce. Have your team work on a single spreadsheet.

Build and share your Salesforce reports in Google Sheets

Create live Salesforce reports with all the great tools Google Sheets has to offer, share the metrics with your team members and clients. 

Automate your data operations

Keep your data fresh. Schedule your data operations for up to one hour.

Other Salesforce data management solutions Xappex offers:

XL-Connector 365

Connect and sync Microsoft Excel on all platforms with Salesforce.

XL-Connector for Salesforce

Connect and export your Salesforce data to Excel.

Excel Merge

Excel Merge

Calculate advanced Excel models. Generate Excel documents based on Salesforce data. All with a single click from a Salesforce record page.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio for Salesforce

Connect Salesforce reports and queries to your Google Data Studio dashboards.

It's like an Admin superpower

It's like an Admin superpower


As a Salesforce admin, G-Connector was my superpower for data loading and data transformation. I still recommend it to every admin I work with. It's one of my must haves in my toolkit.

Jason Dobrolecki

Manager, Engagement at Traction Rec

A major time-saver

A major time-saver


For years we have been working with Xappex products and totally love it. Initially (back in 2014) we started using Enabler4Excel. Over the years the product(s) has been provided huge benefits for our business by making salesforce data available in Excel and data modifications a "piece of cake". Switching over to G-Connector for salesforce was a logical step for us when moving to Google Workspace. Just love the G-Connector for salesforce Experience and the world class Xappex support. 5+ Stars!

Thomas Göcke

Marketing - CRM - Customer Journey | Customer Advisory Board Member: Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud + Salesforce Service Cloud & SightCall

This is the best plugin.

This is the best plugin.


G-Connector saves us so much time by streamlining our data entry into Salesforce, as well as automatically updating exported reports. As a nonprofit org, Xappex is also very generous with their nonprofit discount. Whenever we do run into an issue, the Xappex team has always responded quickly and help us resolve whatever is going on. Would definitely recommend to other Salesforce users!

Andrea Serna

Director, Data Infrastructure at Urban Initiatives

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