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Installing G-Connector Google Sheets

Follow this link to install G-Connector: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/gconnector_for_salesforce/971770431958

To install the G-Connector add-on from your Google Sheets environment, open any spreadsheet or create a new one at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets, then click Get Add-ons under the Add-ons menu:

In the subsequent dialog search for “G-Connector for Salesforce”, and click on it:


Then click the blue “Install” button on the right from G-Connector for Salesforce:

You will need to give certain permissions to the app in order to get it installed:

In order to be able to save your snapshots as files to Google Drive, we’ll need the permission Edit, Create, and Delete your Google Drive files. This permission will not be used for anything else. WE SHALL NEVER ACCESS ANY FILES THAT ARE NOT RELATED TO G-CONNECTOR ADD-IN.

We need to be able to send email as you to send success/failure notification emails to you when your scheduled data auto-refresh succeeds/fails. Knowing your email helps with this too. In order to be able to put Salesforce data into your spreadsheets we need to be able to view and manage your spreadsheets, and to get that data we need to be able to connect to an external service (Salesforce API).

After you give the requested permissions, the add-on will be installed and ready to use.

We will automatically create a free 30-day trial for any new Google account that installs the software. During the 30-day trail, G-Connector will run in the Premium Full mode. When the trial expires – it will revert to the Free mode with some functions inaccessible without a license.

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