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How do I add users to my XL-Connector subscription?

Xappex Customer Portal makes it possible to easily manage group subscriptions  adding users and reassign licenses to different users.

Adding a new user to an existing XL-Connector subscription:

  1. Log in to your customer portal (https://portal.xappex.com) account.
  2. Click on the Subscriptions tab and then on the gear icon next to the corresponding subscription to modify it:
  3. Under the Licenses section, click on the Plus icon to add a new license:
  4. Specify the name and Salesforce account email address of the new user and click Add:

    Important note:
    Only use the user’s Salesforce account email address here. If the email is specified and the user logs in to a different Salesforce account – XL-Connector will not be able to validate the license.
    If no email is specified, anyone with the subscription activation code will be able to activate this new license by clicking on Settings -> License -> Enter a different activation code in the XL-Connector ribbon tab in Excel and specifying the subscription activation code.
  5. An estimation will be displayed of for this addition:
  6. Click on ApplyProceed, and Confirm for the changes to be saved and the new user to become active. The user will receive an email with XL-Connector installation instructions. Once installed, their license will be active automatically for Salesforce account with the specified email address.



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