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Scheduling Automatic Data Refresh from Zoho CRM

G-Connector for Zoho CRM features support for complete offline data pulls.

Automatic data pulls are an amazing way for you to not have to buy Zoho CRM licenses for those users who only need read-only access to the system. Now you can pull data from Zoho CRM into a Google Spreadsheet, share that spreadsheet with anyone using Google Drive, and schedule automatic offline refreshes as frequently as once an hour.

To schedule an automatic refresh, select Schedule Automatic Data Operations from the G-Connector for Zoho CRM menu. The following dialog box will be displayed:

You have an option to schedule data pulls for one time, hourly, daily, or weekly (on specific days only). A couple of considerations when using auto-refresh:

  • Users you share your spreadsheet with don’t need access to G-Connector to see the data.
  • Automatic data pull will only work on the original worksheet that you pulled the Zoho CRM data into. If you create a copy of your worksheet – you will need to create a separate schedule for that sheet.
  • Automatic data operations will always run as the user who scheduled it. If you share a document and another user with access to G-Connector re-schedules the auto-refresh, the data will be refreshed both by the original user and using the new user scheduled it.
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