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Adding XL-Connector component to Salesforce Classic page layouts

You will need to make some adjustments after you install our managed package in order to be able to attach your XL-Connector templates to records in Salesforce Classic and dynamically populate the record Id in the template:

  1. Go to Setup -> Installed Packages:
  2. In the list of managed packages, click Configure next to the XL-Connector Templates managed package:
  3. The configuration page will let you generate an XL-Connector VisualForce component for the specific object that can be placed on any object layout later:
  4. Click Save in the page above to generate the VisualForce page(s) for the selected objects.
  5. Once you have generated the VisualForce page(s), they will become available to put on any of the page layouts for the corresponding objects, for example:

See also: Placing XL-Connector Lightning component on any Lightning page

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