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Refreshing your Spreadsheets Automatically Offline

The most powerful feature of XL-Connector 365 is the ability to create an automatic schedule that will run in your absence and repopulate a workbook stored in OneDrive or SharePoint with the most up-to-date data from Salesforce.

This is analogous to Refreshing the data manually, the only difference is that the data will get refreshed automatically on the schedule you define. You can automatically refresh your data up to every 5 minutes!

In order to be able to schedule the automatic data refresh – you will first need to log in to OneDrive with your Microsoft account:

If you are working on a desktop version of Excel, you will need to save your document to OneDrive in order to access this feature. If the document is saved locally, you will see the following error message:

Once the document is saved to OneDrive or SharePoint, click on Try Again and you will be taken to the Microsoft login screen as shown above.
Once you log in to Microsoft, you’ll be taken to the following screen:

Click on the New Action button to schedule any of your existing Flows for execution:

There are two default flows available: Pull Data and Push Data. This is where all flow steps are saved by default. You can also schedule any of your custom flows for automatic execution.

For each flow, you can define which worksheets you would like the action to run for or simply check All Worksheets.

The action can run Hourly, Daily, or Weekly. You can create multiple schedules for one document, which makes it possible to define pretty much any combination of schedules.

You can choose whether to receive error and/or success email notifications.

Click on Save to save and start the schedule.

Refreshing Protected Sheets

It is possible to refresh protected sheets with XL-Connector 365.  This feature lets you refresh the protected sheets if you provide the password  in the Options section of the app when you pull the data.

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