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Importing Data from Salesforce.com reports

In XL-Connector you have two options of importing your Salesforce.com data:

  1. Using a report previously prepared in Salesforce.com
  2. Using SOQL (Salesforce Objects Query Language).

In case of reports, the process is very simple: click on Get Reports, search for the report you need or select one from the list of recently run reports. Click Run Report. All reports come into your spreadsheet as a flat table, even if they are of Matrix or Summary format. To pull the report in its original format, check the Printable View box before running the report(s).

The couple nice things about running your Salesforce reports from XL-Connector:

  1. You can run multiple reports at once, they will all be put into different Excel sheets (tabs).
  2. You have an option to delete your reports directly from theXL-Connector Reports dialog.
  3. After a report has been run and put into an Excel sheet (tab), you can easily refresh it with fresh data from Salesforce.com by clicking the Refresh (or Refresh All) button.
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