G-Connector Editions Pricing

Connect your Google Spreadsheet to Salesforce.com and exchange data with it both manually and automatically.



Pull unlimited reports from Salesforce.com

Pull any data from Salesforce.com using SOQL

Refresh data from Salesforce.com in the currently active sheet


Premium Lite

Pull any of your reports directly to the currently open Google Sheet

Refresh data from Salesforce in the currently active sheet or all sheets in one click

Upload data to Salesforce from your Google Sheet in one click based on a pre-defined template (template needs to be created using the full Premium license)

Bar access to data loading functionality for your users

Visibility of all features for end users can be turned on/off centrally


Premium Full

Most popular

Schedule automatic data pulls from Salesforce to Google Sheets as often as once an hour

Schedule automatic data pushes from Google Sheets to Salesforce as often as once an hour*

Monitor your Salesforce data during automatic pushes and send notifications when certain criteria are met

Mass Update/Insert/Upsert/Delete data*

Create snapshots of your Salesforce data and save them in your Google Drive

Salesforce Professional Edition support

We'll hold your hand while you're creating your first template (up to 2 hours of individual coaching).

*Read-only mode can be enabled for any subscriber of this plan on request. Please contact us at support@xappex.com for details