Use the following links to install XL-Connector managed package in your Salesforce instance:

Install XL-Connector managed package in a production organization

Install XL-Connector managed package in a sandbox organization

XL-Connector Templates managed package contains Salesforce Lightning and Classic components that you can put on any object page layout and that will make it possible to download XL-Connector templates (XLSX files) and dynamically populate them with information from the record you are downloading them from.

There are two XL-Connector components available:

  • Get XL-File button
    You can configure a button that your users can click to download a pre-configured XL-Connector template and associate it with the record you are clicking the button in.
  • XL-Connector templates list
    You can configure a VisualForce page (or Lightning page if you are using Lightning Experience) to list all the XL-Connector templates that are associated with a certain object in Salesforce to show up directly on the record page.

If configured correctly, you can easily create an XL-Connector template file that will let the users perform a variety of bulk operations on a dynamic set of records and make it possible to get to that template directly from a record page in Salesforce.

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