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Scheduling Automated Data Refreshes in XL-Connector

Starting from version, XL-Connector gives you the ability to schedule automated data refreshes even when you’re not around your computer. The running of a schedule is similar to clicking the Refresh All button in the ribbon, but is done automatically on a schedule.

Several things to remember when using automated data refresh:

  1. Excel must be running at the time when the schedule kicks in.
  2. You need to be logged in to Salesforce using the Security Token method.
  3. You can only create an auto-refresh schedule from XL-Connector Enterprise Admin.
  4. You can use a saved schedule from any edition of XL-Connector (the schedule is saved as a part of the spreadsheet and is picked up by the app when that spreadsheet is loaded).

Setting up an Auto-refresh Schedule

To set up auto-refresh, click on the Scheduler button in your XL-Connector ribbon.

Setting up an auto-refresh schedule is very straightforward: just select the frequency, execution time, and click on Add to Scheduler.

Clicking Apply in the dialog box will save the scheduler information in the spreadsheet and start it.

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