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Mass Converting Leads in Salesforce

To mass-convert a list of Lead records in Salesforce from an Excel spreadsheet, you’ll need to have at least two mandatory fields pulled from Salesforce:

  • Lead Id
  • Lead Status (needs to be set to a status marked as ‘converted’ in Salesforce)

An example SOQL query to pull leads to convert is as follows:
SELECT Id, LastName, FirstName, Title, Company, Status FROM Lead WHERE IsConverted = False

To manually convert multiple leads using XL-Connector 365, make sure that the lead status is set to one marked as ‘converted’ in Salesforce, see below:

Then select them in the worksheet and click on Admin Tools -> Convert leads:

The following dialog box will be displayed:

Lead ID column and Convert Statuses column settings are mandatory and has to be selected in order to convert the leads successfully. Convert Statuses column must have values marked  as ‘converted’ in Salesforce.

Specify an Owner ID column setting if you want to change the owner of the Contact, Account, and Opportunity records created as the result of lead conversion.

Optionally, you can map Excel columns to fields on the Contact, Opportunity, Account, and Person Account objects to transfer data to these objects. The most common use case for these mappings is to define a Record Type for these object by passing the corresponding record type Id there.

There’s also a set of parameters you can define when converting Leads, they are all False by default, but can be set to true using the following user interface:


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