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Mass update Field Level Security in Salesforce

Assign Access Rights to your Fields Quicker

Announcing another great addition to our Windows version of XL-Connector (COM add-in): a new tool to mass update and manage Field-Level Security for your Salesforce fields directly from your Excel spreadsheet.
If you are a Salesforce admin and want to see which fields are visible and/or editable for specific Profiles – XL-Connector will save your day.
Now you can quickly download all Field-Level Security for any combination of Profile(s)/Permission Set(s) and Object(s), adjust their security settings (visible and read-only), and update back to Salesforce all at once.

  • Step 1: To start, click on the Other Tools -> Manage Field-Level Security menu item in XL-Connector:

Mass update field level security in Salesforce

Step 2:  dialog box will be displayed to download field-level security settings for any object-profile/permission set combination in your org:Download Field Level Security Settings in Salesforce

  • Step 3: Once downloaded, all selected profiles and objects will appear in your Excel spreadsheet making it possible to edit field-level security directly in the spreadsheet:Mass edit field level security in Salesforce
  • Step 3: Click on the Refresh button up in the XL-Connector ribbon to re-pull all field-level-security settings from Salesforce.
  • Step 4: Update selected rows or all rows: To update field-level security for selected rows, make your changes, select the corresponding rows, and click on Update or Update Selected button up in the XL-Connector ribbon. To update field-level security for all visible rows, click on Update All button that you’ll find under the Update button in the XL-Connector ribbon.
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