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Run Flows in your Connected Spreadsheet Directly from Salesforce

XL-Connector 365 has a way of executing its Flows logic (mass import and export of data, mass convert leads, merge, etc.) with a single button click from any Salesforce object record page. The Id of the record where the button is pressed will get passed to your Excel file and can participate in the execution of the Flow thus making any of the executed operations record-specific.

To set up any XL-Connector 365 flow to be executed from Salesforce, two pre-conditions need to be met:

  1. The Excel document where the flow is located needs to be saved on SharePoint or OneDrive.
  2. The Salesforce org you are connected to must have our free Excel Merge managed package installed.

Once these preconditions are met, you can begin setting up your flow for execution from a Salesforce record layout:

  1. Click on the Edit button on the flow that you want to run from Salesforce:
  2. In the subsequent screen, under Scheduler, click on New Action:
  3. Under Schedule, select Run Manually from Salesforce:
  4. Select the object in Salesforce, from which you want to be able to execute this flow. Once the flow is saved, all record pages where Xappex External File Processor Lightning component is added will show two buttons: one to run this flow, and one to open this Excel document. See also:  Configuring a button to run XL-Connector 365 flows in Excel Online

  5. The text on both buttons is configurable while editing the page.
  6. If flow steps in your flow need to know the Id of the record from which the flow was activated, you can specify the cell address for that Id under Options:

    Now, when this flow is executed by a button click in Salesforce, the Id of the Salesforce record where the button was pressed will get recorded in the spreadsheet cell specified in the options.
  7. Click on Save to publish the flow. You can now execute it from any Salesforce record page with a single button click. And the best part is that the document doesn’t have to be open by any user. All the flow logic will execute automatically in the workbook on SharePoint or OneDrive. If you have notifications set up in the flow – the corresponding emails will get sent to the flow user and/or to the configured Slack channel.
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