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Dealing with Picklist and Lookup fields

XL-Connector 365 has a built-in tool that will make your life easier when working with fields of type picklist, multiselect picklist, or reference.

To use this tool, you’ll need to select a cell in a column that was either pulled from a field of one of the above types or is mapped to it via a flow step, and then click on the Context tab in the XL-Connector 365 user interface.

You can select multiple rows and columns.

Regular picklists

Regular single select picklists can be set in two ways:

  1. Using the built in drop-down control that gets created when pulling a picklist field using a report or SOQL query:
  2. By selecting a cell in a column mapped to a picklist field and activating the Context tab:

Multi-select Picklists

Multi-select picklists can only be adjusted using the Context tab. Select a cell (or several) in a column mapped to a multiselect picklist field and activate the Context tab:

Id and Reference fields

Just like in the native Salesforce UI, you can look up related records using XL-Connector 365. Furthermore, you can do it for multiple cells at once. To bring up the record lookup interface, select a cell (or multiple cells) in a column that is mapped to an Id or Reference field and activate the Context tab:

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