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Convenient Editing of all Salesforce Field Types

XL-Connector 365 has a built-in tool that will make your life easier when working with fields of any type, such as picklist, multiselect picklist, reference, rich text, etc.

To use this tool, you’ll need to select a cell in a column that was either pulled from a field of one of the above types or is mapped to it via a flow step, and then click on the Context tab in the XL-Connector 365 user interface.

You can select multiple rows and columns.

Regular picklists

Regular single select picklists can be set in two ways:

  1. Using the built in drop-down control that gets created when pulling a picklist field using a report or SOQL query:
  2. By selecting a cell in a column mapped to a picklist field and activating the Context tab:

Multi-select Picklists

Multi-select picklists can only be adjusted using the Context tab. Select a cell (or several) in a column mapped to a multiselect picklist field and activate the Context tab:

Id and Reference fields

Just like in the native Salesforce UI, you can look up related records using XL-Connector 365. Furthermore, you can do it for multiple cells at once. To bring up the record lookup interface, select a cell (or multiple cells) in a column that is mapped to an Id or Reference field and activate the Context tab:

Rich Text Fields

Rich text field values come in formatted as HTML when you pull them via API. It’s not the best format to be able to edit, so just like in the native Salesforce UI, XL-Connector 365 provides a way to edit such fields directly in Excel. Simply select the cell (or multiple cells) pulled from a Rich Text field and click on the Context tab in XL-Connector 365 panel. You’ll see a familiar control to edit rich text fields:

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