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Scheduling Automatic Data Snapshots in G-Connector for Salesforce

Being able to have access to historical data is very important, and G-Connector will let you see any of the data points you can pull from Salesforce as they were at a given moment in time.

If set up correctly, G-Connector will save your spreadsheet with a different name (timestamped for convenience) in the Google Drive folder you specify.

Scheduling a snapshot right after pulling data from Salesforce will let you achieve just that.

To schedule taking of a snapshot of your spreadsheet, click on Schedule Automatic Data Operations from the G-Connector for Salesforce menu. Then go to the Snapshot tab.

This dialog box will let you define the prefix of the snapshot files, timestamp format, and the folder where the files will be saved.

After setting this up, you can schedule a Snapshot automatic operation. Make sure to schedule it AFTER any data pull operations so that you would be saving the most up-to-date data.

Click Apply to schedule the actions.

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