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Integration with Accounting Seed

If you are utilizing the AccountingSeed application, XL-Connector provides a way to pull summary Financial Cube data using cell-level formulas.

The formula syntax is as follows:

=XAPPEX.ASFC(“<Ledger>”, “<GL Account>”, “<GL Variable 1>”, “<GL Variable 2>”, “<GL Variable 3>”, “<GL Variable 4>”, “<Accounting Period>”, “<type>”

The parameters to the formula as as follows:

  1. Ledger – name of the ledger
  2. GL Account – name of the GL Account
  3. GL Variable 1,2,3,4 – name of the corresponding GL Variable or “none” for no linked GL Variables, “all” or an empty string “” for any linked GL Variable
  4. Accounting Period – name of the accounting period
  5. Type – can be one of the following values: MTD (month-to-date), YTD (year-to-date), OPB (opening balance), BUD (budget)

Here’s a real life example of the formula:

=XAPPEX.ASFC(“CLNJ”,”1000-CLNJ Checking”,”all”,”none”,”none”,”none”,”2019-02″,”MTD”)


With these formulas you can create comprehensive Financial reports:



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