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What if my data is filtered in the spreadsheet?

You can use Excel filtering functionality to narrow down the amount of records on the screen and then Delete/Insert/Update/Upsert only the records that pass the specified filter criteria.

It works the same way as without filters – just select any cells that span across rows you want to delete/insert/update/upsert and click the corresponding button in the ribbon. Only cells that are visible will get deleted/inserted/updated/upserted. Enabler will warn you that it might take longer to perform this operation. In case of working with up to 1000 rows this shouldn’t be an issue, and the difference will not even be noticeable. You will only notice a delay if you are dealing with large numbers of records (thousands or hundreds of thousands). In this case with filtering enabled it will take longer to read all the values from excel, and it will also take longer to update the spreadsheet with the operation results once it has been completed.

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