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Creating New Records in Zoho CRM Using G-Connector

To create new records in Zoho CRM you will only need a spreadsheet with your data.

In this post we’ll use an example of loading Contacts as this is probably the most common scenario in any CRM. Here’s the spreadsheet that we need to load:

To load the above Contacts you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Select cells in your sheet so that your selection spans across all rows that you want to insert (it doesn’t matter if the selection spans across one or multiple columns), e.g.:
  2. On the Add-ons menu, click G-Connector for Zoho CRM -> Update / Insert Selected Rows.
  3. The following dialog box will show up:

    From the drop-downs up top select Insert and Contact, as you will be creating records in the Lead object. 
  4. G-Connector will try to map your columns for you, but you need to verify if the mappings are correct before proceeding. Mappings are shown in the bottom table (see dialog box above) where spreadsheet column names show up in the Column in Spreadsheet column, and fields these spreadsheet columns are mapped to – in the Field Name in Zoho CRM column.
    The top table will list all available fields from the selected module. You can map your spreadsheet columns to fields in Zoho CRM by dragging fields from the top table and dropping them on the column names in the bottom table.
  5. Give your template a name and click on Save Template to store your settings as a template for future use (optional).
  6. Now click Push Selected Rows and your Leads will be loaded into Zoho CRM.
  7. After the Insert operation has been completed, you’ll see the operation results on the very right from your data, one column over after the last data column:
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