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My Automatic Schedule(s) Stop Frequently

To let G-Connector correctly work with your Salesforce.com org when you are offline, the G-Connector app needs to be installed and you need to make sure some app policies are adjusted correctly.

To do it, go to Setup – Connected Apps oAuth Usage and click on Manage App Policies next to G-Connector:

If the app is not installed, click on Install to make it available in your Salesforce org.

Then make sure that the refresh token is valid until revoked and the IP restrictions are set to “Relax IP Restrictions”:

You will then need to perform the following steps to clear all your legacy settings:

  1. Click Add-ins -> G-Connector for Salesforce -> Settings -> Utilities in each sheet.
  2. Log back in.
  3. Re-schedule your automatic refresh job(s) by clicking on Add-ins -> G-Connector for Salesforce -> Schedule Automatic Data Operations and clicking Apply in that dialog box.
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