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I’m getting ‘Access Denied’ error when logging in to Salesforce

All our apps connect to Salesforce via API using a corresponding oAuth2 Connected App. It’s a different app for each Xappex product, but they work in a similar way. Simply logging in to Salesforce from any of our apps establishes a default connection, which is in most cases enough to work with your Salesforce account via API.

However, if more granular access to Salesforce from a Xappex app is required, it is possible to set up each app’s policies as described below:

Go to Setup – Connected Apps oAuth Usage and click on Manage App Policies next to the corresponding app:

If the app is not installed, click on Install to make it available in your Salesforce org.

It’s up to the administrator to set up the right policies. Below is the description of policies that ensure that a Xappex app works correctly.

Make sure that the refresh token is valid until revoked and the IP restrictions are set to “Relax IP Restrictions”:

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