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Securely import export, auto refresh and transform Salesforce data within Google Sheets and Excel

XL-Connector and XL-Connector 365

Sync Excel to your Salesforce data


Sync Google Sheets to your Salesforce data


Build automatically updated reports that refresh on a set schedule.


Enhance the quality of your data and reports by utilizing Google Sheets and Excel formulas, pivot tables, and graphs.


Edit your Salesforce data in your familiar spreadsheet environment.


The Best time-saving apps.
Save hours and even days of data entry work!


Import and export data without limits.


Save money on expensive Salesforce licenses:
Allow your team to view and interact with Salesforce data.


Private and Secure. SOC2 Type2 certified company.


Outstanding customer support.

Experience the best productivity tools for your salesforce data

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Some of our amazing reviews

It's like an Admin superpower

As a Salesforce admin, XL-Connector was my superpower for data loading and data transformation. I still recommend it to every admin I work with. It's one of my must haves in my toolkit.


Jason Dobrolecki

Manager, Engagement at Traction Rec

XL-Connector a must for any Admin

XL-Connector has been one of main super apps in my toolkit. I use it daily and couldn't live without it. It simplifies things so much when you work heavily in spreadsheets and manipulate/report data and can easily push/pull data from Salesforce. And there are so many other cool other features that make the life of an admin so simple. You should get it now!

F (1)

Bao Do, CPA

Solution Architect at Accretive Advisory

Awesome data management tool + more!

Simple to use, I have all my orgs connected to it and it is so easy to transfer data between source & destination with its field mapping and friendly UI. I especially love the additional tools for managing fields, picklists, FLS and more system orientated metadata. A real bonus.


Robert Reeves

Senior BRM Salesforce at Zimmer Biomet

A robust tool for Admins and Consultants working from Excel

This tool has added so much value to projects and data loads over my consulting career. Being able to work from Excel to load test data into Sandboxes, understand how customer data is structured and download object data models has simply made my life easier and saved me hours. Additionally, the team at Xappex are responsive and supportive to feedback, suggestions, and queries.

Alastair Dinning

Alastair Dinning

Engagement Delivery Manager at Salesforce

So Unique. So Useful. So Essential.

Thinking about it, if I lost access to this tool, I would really struggle to do my job or help customers. I genuinely believe it is the best money any company can spend on an AppExchange product, and it literally pays for itself within weeks when you see how much better your data becomes. It should also be the first tool any new Admin asks for when they start a new job.


Dave Holford

Salesforce Solution Architect at Freelance

Essential !

This app is a climax between simplicity and comprehensiveness. After 3 years of use, I think any admin would save hours using XL-Connector, this is so instinctive and really powerful ! The app is old enough to be stable and bug-free, and keeps being updated regularly. I

Sylvain Priser

Sylvain Priser

Salesforce architect at Acrotec