XL-Connector 365 Privacy Policy

XL-Connector 365 handles data differently than our other applications (XL-Connector and G-Connector), therefore we think it is important to explain to our users what data we have access to, how it is handled, stored, and transmitted. This privacy policy is … Continue Reading

Refreshing your Spreadsheets Automatically Offline

The most powerful feature of XL-Connector 365 is the ability to create an automatic schedule that will run in your absence and repopulate a workbook stored in OneDrive with the most up-to-date data from Salesforce. This is analogous to Refreshing … Continue Reading

Importing Data from Salesforce.com Reports

With XL-Connector 365, you can run your Salesforce reports and put them directly into an Excel spreadsheet. To browser your reports, click on the Reports button in the main application window: To run a specific report, simply select it from … Continue Reading

Importing Data from Salesforce.com using SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language)

XL-Connector 365 has a very powerful tool allowing you to pull ANY data from your Force.com database into Excel. To pull data from a Force.com database to Excel using a SOQL query, click the SOQL button in your XL-Connector ribbon: … Continue Reading

Installing XL-Connector 365

You can install XL-Connector 365 directly from the Office Store, whether in the Online or Mac version of Excel. Click on Insert Click on My add-ins Click on Store Search for XL-Connector Click Add. Important: we’ve had reports of users … Continue Reading