XL-Connector 365 has a very powerful tool allowing you to pull ANY data from your Force.com database into Excel.

To pull data from a Force.com database to Excel using a SOQL query, click the SOQL button in your XL-Connector ribbon:

If you know your way around SOQL, you can simply type or paste your query directly into the query box and hit Execute:

If you want to browse your objects and fields, you can use the query builder to put together a basic query using it’s controls:

There are some options that you can adjust for each query as well:

Create Data Table – will create an Excel Data Table around the pulled data. Data Tables are useful when building pivot tables and charts based on the pulled data.

Table Start Cell – defines the starting point for the data in your spreadsheet. You can place the data anywhere on the sheet.

Create New Worksheet – if checked, will always create a new worksheet and place the pulled data there.

Query All – this is an equivalent of using the ALL ROWS keyword in your query. Will pull archived and deleted records. Particularly useful for pulling of archived tasks and events.

Once the data has been pulled, you can always refresh it later by clicking on the Refresh button on the main application screen: