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In XL-Connector through

  • It is now possible to use Owner Change Options for certain standard objects like Account, Opportunity, etc.
  • Queries that are longer than 100,000 characters are now supported. For example dynamic queries like Select Name, Id from Account where Id in [A2:A100000] will now run successfully.
  • Plug-in features for the Team Player subscription users can be adjusted centrally by the company admin from the self serve customer portal.
  • Id lookup is now supported for standard objects that don’t have a Name field. Cases are looked up by the CaseNumber field, Tasks and Activities – by the Subject field.
  • Easy pick of a cell to be used as a dynamic constant value for mappings.
  • Moved to API v. 56
  • The history of the recently used mappings is now kept in the Mappings dialog box and can be reused:
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements
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