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In XL-Connector versions –

  • Update/Insert/Upsert operations can now be run by pushing multiple batches of data at the same time thus cutting the total run time of such operations. By default, the plug-in will push the batches one after another (synchronously), you’ll need to UNCHECK the ‘Update synchronously’ box to push them in parallel:
  • VBA methods DeleteData, InsertData, UpdateData, and UpsertData now accept the range parameter instead as well as an array to provide the data for the operation. The data in the range must contain headers that correspond to field API names.

  • When mass-uploading files, you can now use not only files on your local drive, but also files stored in shared locations online:
  • When running a report, picklist fields will now come through as drop-downs:
  • Web and SSO Login was migrated to the latest version of the Chromium browser, which increased performance and took care of several outstanding issues.
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