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In XL-Connector versions through

  1. A beta version of Merge operation that supports all objects (standard and custom) has been released. If you run into any issues with this function, please reach out to support@xappex.com
  2. Global Picklists are now supported in the Manage Fields function. To use them, the user can specify either Global Picklist API name or type one or more entries for custom picklist (divided by Alt-Enter). If there is just one list entry and Global Picklist with such name does not exist, then local picklist with single value will be created.

  3. Manage Object Access function is now available for the users of XL-Connector Enterprise Admin. It allows to mass edit object access rights for multiple profiles and/or permission sets.

  4. ‘Ignore blank values’ option was moved from global settings to Flow Step level

  5. Mappings will now be adjusted automatically when the user adds/removes columns or rows. However, we still encourage you to revisit your mappings if substantial changes were made to the sheet.
  6. Version property is now available in VBA to read the version of the running plug-in. Here’s some sample code for it:
Dim automationObject As Object
Dim version as String
Set automationObject = Application.COMAddIns("TaralexLLC.SalesforceEnabler").Object
version = automationObject.Version
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