Mass-uploading Attachments to

Basic features

Admin features



 Important: when uploading attachments, make sure you UNCHECK the ‘Use names to identify records’ option:
  • In XL-Connector Enterprise Admin: under Edit Flow -> Spreadsheet Settings
  • In XL-Connector Personal Edition: under Settings -> DML

XL-Connector lets you upload multiple Attachments and other documents directly from an Excel spreadsheet by specifying a path to the file to be uploaded in the Body column.
Overall, a path to a file can be specified in any column that is mapped to a base64 type field in Salesforce.
Let’s take a simple example of uploading a couple of files as Attachments:

  1. Create a spreadsheet specifying the paths to files to be uploaded in the Body column as follows:
  2. Select cells in the two rows and click Insert in the XL-Connector ribbon tab.
  3. Select the Attachment object and click OK.
  4. In the Mappings dialog box, map the fields as follows: