1. In Excel, go to File -> Options -> Add-ins
  2. If Enabler4Excel add-in shows up under the Inactive Add-ins list:
    – Select COM Add-ins from the drop-down and click Go
    – Remove the checkmark against Enabler add-on
    – Click OK
    – Click Go again
    – Now set the checkmark against XL-Connector add-on
    – click OK
  3. If XL-Connector add-in shows up under Disabled Items list:
    – Select Disabled Items from the drop-down and click Go
    – Select XL-Connector
    – Click Enable

Your Enabler tab should be back in the ribbon.

Now if the steps above helped, but you have to do it every time you start Excel, here’s how to solve this:

  1. Press Windows+R and type ‘regedit’, then click OK.
  2. In the registry editor, find the following key:
    If you installed the software for Current User only:
    If you installed the software for All users on a 64-bit computer and 32-bit Excel:
    If you installed the software for All users on a matching bit Windows and Excel:
  3. Make sure that the LoadBehavior value is set to 3.

If none of the steps above helped, you may have add-ins disabled entirely in your security settings. To change that:

  1. Go to File -> Options in Excel.
  2. Click on Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings
  3. Click on Add-ins on the left.
  4. Check if ‘Disable all Application Add-ins’ box is not checked:

It would help a lot if you could remember what function you were using prior to when that happened, and shoot us a quick e-mail at support@xappex.com