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Bring Picklist Values to your Salesforce Report

A Quick Tip to Make your Work with Salesforce Reports Even Easier

When you first pull a report from Salesforce to Excel using XL-Connector's Get Reports function – it will not populate your picklist columns with drop-downs containing all available picklist values. Here's how to fix that:

  1. After you run a report, click on Edit Flow -> Steps, and double-click on the step that was created during the report run.
  2. Check the Enforce Picklists box under Pull from Salesforce

  3. Click Push to Salesforce -> Column Mappings and make sure that your picklist column in Excel is mapped to the correct picklist field in Salesforce:
  4. Click OK in all the dialog boxes to close the template editor.
  5. Hit Refresh up in the XL-Connector ribbon.
  6. Your picklist values should now be populated:

Please, note that you need to be running XL-Connector Enterprise Admin edition of the software to be able to access the Edit Flow functionality.

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