Using Record Names Instead of Ids in ID and Lookup Fields

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In a lot of cases our users face a situation when they don’t have a column of record Ids that must be used to update records or must be specified in the Lookup field to associate records with other records (Lookup or Master-detail fields).

XL-Connector has a built in functionality of looking up record Ids based on their names. To make this possible, simply map a column of record names to either the Id field on your object or to any relational field (either lookup or master-detail), for example AccountId or OwnerId.

Before starting to look at the example below, please, make sure this option is enabled.

If you are using XL-Conenctor Personal Edition, you’ll find this option under Settings -> DML:

If you are using XL-Connector Enterprise Admin, this setting can be set separately for each worksheet you are working with. Click Edit Flow button in the XL-Connector ribbon and make sure that the Use Names to Identify Records box is checked under Worksheet Settings. In XL-Connector Personal Edition, this setting is available from Settings -> DML:

Here’s a simple example of changing the related account for a list of Contacts without having access to either Contact Ids or Account Ids. As you can see we only have Contact and Account names in the list:

Here are the mappings for this Update operation (note how we mapped the columns with names to the Id and master-detail fields in Salesforce):

With this setup, XL-Connector will know to first lookup the Contact and Account Ids based on the corresponding names, and then use these Ids in the actual Update operation.

For reliable operation of the lookup functionality described in this post it is important that there are no duplicate record names in the system. If there are duplicates – the lookup will use the first record it can find with the given name, and it is not guaranteed to be the record the user wants to use.