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  • Pull and push data from different objects into the same sheet (tab)
  • Choose whether to place upload operation results next to records or save them to ‘error’ and ‘success’ files
  • Expand and browse relational fields when building a SOQL query in the Get Data dialog box.
  • Automatically wrap the pulled data in an Excel Data Table
  • Automatically pull the Id field and hide the Id column when getting data via SOQL
  • Pull several reports in the same worksheet in one shot
  • Upload the changed data based on the current template in one click (Team Player and Enteprise Admin only)
  • Select a cell with Salesforce Id and click Open in Salesforce to open the corresponding record in the browser
  • Auto-complete an Id column based on any other column from the same object
  • See all your license information in one place in the Settings dialog
  • Field search in the Mappings dialog
  • Single installation for all editions
  • 30-day trial is now always the Enterprise Admin edition
  • Select your edition by purchasing the corresponding license
  • Easy switching between editions
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